Lone Child new mediation reforms

New mediation reforms to protect children

Separation and divorce cause the dividing of property, belongings and parental responsibility.  These scenarios can invariably lead to disputes in court. Because of the financial instability and the loss of the family unity, what children are experiencing or need iis often overlooked.

Exposure to these experiences lead to higher rates of anxiety, depression, and anti-social behaviour.  These emotions and behaviours can have a detrimental impact on a child’s schoolwork, their academic achievements, and their general mental health.

Manchester Family Mediation Solutions are a team of accredited Family Mediators, who are qualified and experienced in providing a safe and neutral environment.  We aim to enable calm discussions, to assist in resolving matters as quickly and as fairly as possible. The outcome of the process is to reach the best mutually agreeable outcome – particularly for the children .

The aim of the new mediation reforms, is to ensure separating couples do so amicably by embarking on mediation and hopefully avoid court all together.

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